The Supply Chain IS the Warehouse

Cagney Global Logistics offers a standardized inventory management platform together with globalits network to outsource warehousing activities into the supply chain and speed up the operating cycle to improve your bottom line…

The Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) leverages our network and a core inventory control system, Downstream, to enable material visibility participant communication, system reporting and execution ability to move material as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.

We provide:

  • Web-based dashboard view of material & processes
  • Global messaging architecture integrating internal and external inventory systems to optimize and manage demand planning & supply operations
  • Full inventory management system for any site
  • A scalable, adaptable, on-demand web fulfillment system to manage inventory pools according to your business rules, anywhere in the world
  • Bill-of-Materials for any assembly either As-Designed, As Built, or As-Maintained… all the way to the individual serial numbers in any assembly