In 2010, Wildernest Logistics helped Pentax achieve a dramatic 23% reduction in warehouse fixed operating expenses.

For more than 80 years, Pentax Imaging Company has earned its position as an innovative leader and a household name in the production of digital SLR and compact cameras, lenses, flash units, binoculars, scopes and eyepieces.

Pentax was running a warehouse and fulfillment facility near their headquarters in Golden, Colorado, but it was too large for their year-round needs, and their landlord was unwilling to negotiate for a smaller space. With the lease coming up for renewal and pressure from the parent company to reduce their fixed operating expenses, they called upon Wildernest Logistics to deliver a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that would keep quality up while gaining much-needed efficiencies.

Pentax’s core competencies were in developing and selling its innovative products. Wildernest stepped in to take over tasks that fell into our expertise, like shipping, warehousing, receiving, staging, fulfillment, returns and inventory issues, so that Pentax could focus on what it does best.
We started by moving Pentax’s warehousing and fulfillment operations into our facility. Knowing our mixed-use facility would reduce wasted space and save money for Pentax by flexing to easily absorb both high and low season inventory and staff.
We then implemented more efficient systems for Pentax, adding value to every stage of the process. We even brought on some of Pentax’s trusted employees so that we could make use of their training and experience and ensure that good people had the chance to keep their jobs.
Today, we’re doing more for Pentax, with proprietary warehouse management IT solutions, a daily inventory system with built-in discrepancy reporting, fresh responsibilities in running the inspections process for returns and monthly meetings to help us keep our promise of continuous improvement.
Wildernest was able to provide Pentax with a dramatic 23% reduction in warehouse fixed operating expenses. We expect that percentage to grow as we engage new efficiencies this year. Moreover, we’ve had zero inventory management concerns. As our client says, “We had no growing pains. The transition was extremely smooth.”

Client Perspective
“Wildernest Logistics is doing things right. That’s often understated, but it’s key. The cost savings was number one, but it was also really important that I get my product to my customers, and Wildernest Logistics hasn’t missed a beat. We’ve had no disruption at all in our business. They picked it up and got it working immediately. I’m very happy with the way things are. It’s been a win-win situation.” —John K. Hodnett, VP Finance, Pentax Imaging Company