Now more than ever, the emphasis on security, proper classification & valuation, worldwide trade agreements and global sourcing has made Customs compliance a critically important role in the supply chain. Cagney Global Logistics is a fully licensed Customs broker who employs a team of licensed brokers with no less than 10 years experience each. You can rest assured that our brokerage team has the experience and continuous training needed to help you properly comply with Customs regulations throughout the world.customs clearance

As a C-TPAT certified, fully automated broker, you are assured of a compliant, expedited & cost efficient process of pre-clearing your cargo prior to flight arrival. Our direct link to and established relationships with Customs and other government agencies ensure accurate and quick processing of your shipments.

Our global Customs brokerage division provides the infrastructure to handle all import needs including:

  • Full Customs Clearance Servicescleared
  • Ability to Clear Shipments At All U.S. Ports
  • Cross border clearance services
  • Customs Bonds and Services
  • Assistance with VAT / Tax Rebate / Duty Drawback Programs
  • Free Trade Agreement / Preferential Status Compliance
  • Continuous Compliance Education